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New Evidence In Sherry West Case Suggest She Lied About Young Black Boys Killing Her Baby And May Have Committed The Crime Herself!


New evidence in this case shows Sherry West and her baby daddy both had gun residue on their hands the day of the murder. Also Sherry own daughter has accused of her of murder of her sibling. West once did a interview where she said she hopes the young boys get the death penalty, now this would be a good time for karma to show up and show out. Continue reading

Savages Or Justice? African Couple Force To Have Sex In Public By Angry Mob, After Being Caught By The Woman’s Husband!


Wow I don’t know what to think about this. The part of me that has been cheated on understands the husband pain and why he has no compassion for his wife or her lover since they didn’t have compassion for his feelings. But the part of me who refuses to give these h**** power says it’s best to let go and not give in to those thoughts. Karma is b****! Continue reading

Chris “Can’t Get RIght” Brown Probation Has Been Revoke In Rihanna DV Case!


According to TMZ his probation was revoke from his hit and run case back in May. Now the interesting part about this is the victim of the hit and run didn’t sue Brown and even had her attorney go to court saying she didn’t want him to go to jail. How ever the Judge didn’t care and granted the motion any way, which means Brown will have a hearing in August. Continue reading

Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozada Releases Pics Of Busted ForeHead Right Before New Season Is Suppose To Start!


We all know she is a hot head who like to fight weaker people, so even with these pics it make it very hard to feel bad for her. With the new season of Basketball wives coming up Evelyn Pr teams if she still has one release multiple of her bleeding dome. On a side note I hope Chad is getting the help he needs. Just because I don’t care for Evelyn and her antics doesn’t mean she deserve it, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t karma. Continue reading

Ex V-103 Radio Host Miss Sophia Talks About Tyler Perry Stealing His Act And Shows Video Of his Act Which Was Film Before Madea Came Out!


Anyone who lived in Atlanta in the 90′s or early 2000′s knows and probably seen Miss Sophia act, and know the similarities. I actually seen the act myself before I ever saw a Tyler Perry play so I can see the truth to this story. Miss Sophia Talks about hanging out with Tyler Perry at a gay club and how he use to frequent the club and watch her shows. She evens talks about the reasons she didn’t sue Tyler Perry and why she is exposing him now. You can fast forward to 13:48 mark to see Miss Sophia do a original skit before Madea even came into existence. Continue reading